Competence study plan of the educative program of Biology 401

A Biology gradute applies the scientific method to contribute with structural and functional analysis, as well as with ecological and sustainability balances of ecosystems. He has training in life processes, biology conservation, environmental health, natural resource management and evolutionary genetics. He is capable of detecting problems and proposing  environmental solutions, He can also be trained in teaching developmet and research.





Microbiology, Cryptogram biodiversity, Non-arthropod invertebrates biodiversity , Gymnosperm and angiosperm biodiversity, Arthropod biodiversity, Chordate biodiversity  , Cryptogamae fungi, Cryptogamae algae, parasitology of non-arthropod invertebrates, Protozoology, Angiosperms,  Gymnosperms,  crustacean biology,  Non-insects arthropods of importance for mankind, Applied entomology, ,Animal ethology, Biosystematics, Fundamentals of biology conservation

To Identify organisms,


To manage and conserve the Biodiversity

Contemporary Biology

Comparative histology, Genetics, Biology of chordates, Cellular biology, Molecular biology, Developmental biology, Evolution, Morphophysiology of vascular plants, Morphophysilogy of chordates, Molecular ecology, Genetic evolution, Bionformatics and genomics, Genomic and proteomic techniques, Population genetics.

Molecular detection of diseases in plants and animals, Applies molecular and analytical chemistry techniques in forensic investigations

Environmental Sciences


Physiography and climate, Paleobiology, Ecology, Quantitative ecology, Management of natural resources, Biogeography, Environmental impact and mitigation, Fish and wildlife management, Ecological planning and management plans., Plant resources management, Urban ecology, Ecosystem recovery, Environmental contamination and toxicology, Climate change and clean technologies, Sustainable development

To participates in programs of reorganization and ecological restoration, performs studies of environmental impact, management Plants of wastewater treatment, consulting


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