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The International Symposium on Aquaculture Nutrition has been organized since 1993. To date it is the leading discussion forum about nutrition of aquatic organisms in Latin America. It is held every two years and aims to bring together scientific experts, students, producers, commercial and industrial representatives with the objective of sharing the most recent advances in the area of nutrition of aquatic organisms.

The Symposium will maintain the original format, where oral presentations (25 + 5 min) are given by invited speakers with international recognition in specific nutrition areas. Hopefully, this will ensure the opportunity for the attendees to exchange opinions and discuss their problems and/or ongoing research to further improve the region's aquaculture industry.(Poster information)


The X International Symposium on Aquatic Nutrition will accept a variety of Works, preferably related to one of the following topics:

• Digestibility and Evaluation of Ingredients and Feeds.
• Nutritional Requirements and Nutrition of Aquatic Organisms in Different Life Stages.
• Nutritional Metabolism and Physiology of Aquatic Organisms.
• Live Feeds for Aquaculture
• Nutrition and feeding of emerging aquaculture species.
• Alternative Feed Management and Feeding Strategies.
• Environmentally Friendly Feeds for a Sustainable Aquaculture.
• Process and Quality Control of Aquatic Products.
• Alternative Protein Sources for Aquacultural Feeds.
• Additives, Attractants and Immunostimulants.
• Standardization of Chemical and Biological Analysis for the Evaluation of Aquacultural Ingredients and Feeds.
• Other topics related to aquaculture nutrition will be considered and their acceptance will be determined by the scientific committee.